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Tao te Ching, Lao Tzu, One Little Angel

Being and non-being produce each other; Difficult and easy complete each other;

Long and short contrast (1) each other; High and low distinguish each other; Sound and voice harmonize with each other; Front and back follow each other. Therefore the sage manages affairs without action (wu-wei) And spreads doctrines without words. All things arise, and he does not turn away from them. He produces them, but does not take possession of them. He acts, but does not rely on his own ability. He accomplishes his task, but does not claim credit for it. It is precisely because he does not claim credit that his accomplishment remains with him.

Lao Tzu, fondateur présumé du Taoïsme

Laozi 2, in Wing-Tsit Chan, Chinese Philosophy, Chapter 7.


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