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David S Pollack: Being a Creative in a time of Societal Constraint: Theorize Art

David S Pollack:  Being a Creative in a time of Societal Constraint: 

Theorize Art

It's believed that only One Percent of humans can be considered a Creative.  Even so that's millions of possible Creative's.  Yet it's so rare to see work that is truly unique.  Since I've been in Journalism for twenty years I can say that it's nor that much better.  But I believe that the way Journalists and Winters limit and censor themselves is wholly due to the societal constraints placed upon them.  A good example of this is the way my writing style is labeled as Immersion or Gonzo Journalism.  Simply due to the fact that I allow myself to have a personal perspective.  In China there are so many great journalists who write with passion and personal perspective and they just call it Journalism. 中国数字时代 China Digital Times   Of course they have issues with getting much of this writing out to the world due to the political structure of their country.  And so many of us criticize China for this.  But  we are no better here.  In fact the way our system works is far more subversive and possibly more harmful.  We teach our journalist, photographers and media artists that it's not alright to insert personal perspective into one work.  Thereby creating a very single minded view of the world around us.  Then we are sold  multiple options of basically the same thing.  But that's Capitalism and who is to say that any other social structure throughout time has been better for us Creative's.  After all people fear what's new and different.  Even Mapplethorpe's work was very poorly received, particularly by the Gay community, who felt he was exposing too much of their esoteric sub-culture.  And believe me when I tell you, exposing the reality of life as it plays out around you is true art.  Particularly when done in a creative way.  It's mimetic and profound. 

David S Pollack
Immersion Journalism and Gonzo Art
Theorize Art Network, 2014
a Creative(s) Perspectives Inc.


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