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3 Days Left Before Art F City Roast


There are only three days left before we launch the Art F City Art World Roast Auction and Awards, otherwise known as The Art F City Roast, otherwise known         
as the AFCAWRAaA. The time to get your tickets is now. The time to start seriously perusing the Paddle8 site was yesterday. The bids are piling up!

We can't wait to hang out with you all at Postmasters this Monday, February 17th, if
for no other reason than we announce the award winners of our gilded butt plugs. This week, we've asked readers to weigh in on who they think should win these awards, and the results are pouring in. Can any artist defeat Richard Serra's strong hold on the Chris Christie Award for Most Significant Artist? Bushwick and Sunset park are running neck in neck the gentrification award category, which is measured
in high volume sales of organ meat and forced artist migration rates. And the power eyebrow category is in a near dead heat with Mary Boone holding only a slight lead over Glenn Lowry and Peter Brant.  Only you can break this tie, but you've got to act now. The polls close at midnight tonight, so make your voice heard and vote

Voting is just one way to prepare for the evening's festivities. I'm going to start by getting my nails done and finding a suitable dress. Art proms are fancy so we recommend ladies and gents prepare accordingly. We also recommend that anyone who is considering bidding, sign up for a Paddle8 account if they have not already done so. The only way to bid on silent auction items is through the Paddle8 website, so for those of you who are bidding in person at the auction having an account makes one less thing to worry about.

And that's great, because boy do we ever have a lot of great art. I'm talking choice work from established artists like Marilyn MinterNayland Blake and Deborah Kass to rising stars like Sara CwynarMatthew Leifheit and Aaron Williams.

So get your tickets and comb through the Paddle8 site. Then place your votes in our awards and clap your hands for a job well done.

See you Monday!


Image above: Ruben Natal-San Miguel, Barbie, 2013. Estimate $1,500

Benefit Committee Chair: Jeffrey Teuton

Benefit Committee: Saul Chernick, Ursula Endlicher, Carla Gannis, Dave Harper, Rhiannon Kubicka, Allegra LaVoila, Glenn Macura, Jonathan Mayers, Kelani Nichole, Nicholas O’Brien, Marsha Owett, Magda Sawon, Amanda Schneider, Andrea Serbonich, Robert Skollar, Benjamin Tischer, Ken Tyburski, Christina Vassallo, and Michelle Vaughan
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