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Art F City Roast, Early Bird Tickets Available : Theorize Art

Early Bird Tickets to The Art F City Roast on Sale Now!

Date: February 17th, 2014
Venue: Postmasters Gallery, 54 Franklin Street, Ground floor, NYC.
Time: Cocktails & light fare begin at 6:30 pm, Live Auction at 7:45 and an award ceremony and Roast at 8:30pm. Silent bidding runs through 10pm.
This February 17th, get ready for The Art F City Roast: a night of crowning the worst and auctioning off the best. (Basically, it’s like the art prom but everyone is Carrie.) Early bird tickets go on sale today which means you’ve got through February 1st to save 25 percent on your ticket! Prepare yourself for roasting and ass gadgetry; this year, our gilded awards will take the form of golden butt plugs.
We haven’t announced all the details yet, because we’re not sure if the person in the giant butt costume will be distributing awards and buttplugs or awards as buttplugs. In the meantime, here’s what we can tell you:
    • Jaimie Warren, the woman who has dressed up as a piece of lettuce, a flattened piece of pepperoni, and a lasagna will host. She will probably be wearing a costume.
    • We will have artwork and experiences available from artists such as Jeremy Bailey, Christian Chaize, Saul Chernick, Carla Gannis, Irena Jurek, Deborah Kass, Lisa Kirk, Matthew Leifheit, Jose Lerma, Lauren Luloff, Lorna Mills, Marilyn Minter, Ruben Natal-San Miguel, John Powers, William Powhida, Marsha Owett, Trey Speegle, Mike and Doug Starn, Michelle Vaughan, Aaron Williams and many more!
    • We’ll have online bidding with Paddle8, the esteemed online auction house.
    • We will have CK Swett from Heritage Auctions. If you’ve seen Swett in action, you know this: Of all the world’s charity auctioneers, in one hundred years only the name C.K. Swett will be remembered. According to NBC, he is the “The Mad-Hatter” of charity auctions.
    • Booze by Wodka VodkaAlibi American Whiskey and Chapter 24 Vineyards!
    • Music!
    • Food! Possibly pork buns!
Benefit Committee Chair: Jeffrey Teuton
Benefit Committee: Saul Chernick, Ursula Endlicher, Carla Gannis, Dave Harper, Rhiannon Kubicka, Allegra LaVoila, Glenn Macura, Jonathan Mayers, Kelani Nichole, Nicholas O’Brien, Marsha Owett, Magda Sawon, Amanda Schneider, Andrea Serbonich, Robert Skollar, Benjamin Tischer, Ken Tyburski, Christina Vassallo, and Michelle Vaughan

General Admission

$75 each (February 1st, $100)

Admission for one (1) human. You’ll get food, drink, entertainment, and the opportunity to witness the mockery of others. You will receive one (1) unit of fun, distributed evenly over the course of an evening. You’ll also be supporting the work we do, and the cause of art criticism more generally, so that as you exit Postmasters into the assuredly frigid night you will be warmed from within by your own kindness.

Artist-discounted Ticket

$35 each (February 1st, $50)

Admission for one (1) starving artist. You’ll get food, drink, entertainment, and warmth. You’ll be entertained relentlessly, and you’ll be supporting our community, too.

Five Ticket MEGA PACK

$325 each (February 1st, $425)

Admission for five (5) cunning cost-cutters. You’ll get food, drink, entertainment, and warmth. You’ll be entertained relentlessly, and you’ll be supporting our community, too.


$600 each (February 1st, $700)

Admission for ten (10) instant best friends. You’ll get food, drink, entertainment, and a party heavily stacked with your friends; not only that, but you’ll be paying for a ton of independent art journalism..

I want artists to party, too!

$35 each, (February 1st, $50)

If you can’t attend yourself, you can sponsor a ticket for an artist; we’ll make sure they have a good time. Include the name of the ticket recipient in Paypal’s “Additional Information” area, or else shoot an email to

My heart is too big.

If you just can’t stop yourself from giving, we’re happy to accept additional donations. Give $500 or more, and you’ll get a private lunch and tour around the New York neighborhood of your choice with AFC’s own Paddy Johnson.

Total: $0

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