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Mike Shaw: 10 Reasons Why Google+ Works | Theorize Art

Mike Shaw  -  5:05 AM (edited)  -  Public
10 Reasons Why Google+ Works

1/ You have control
Its down to you who you put in your circles, who see's your work, who you interact with. Its a simple way of doing things but its simply works.

2/ Interaction
I have yet to find another site where the level of interaction works as well as here. You get out what you put in, work at it and you will reap the benefits of G+ ten fold.

3/ We are all adults
You can start a debate/conversation stream and go to bed in the knowledge that when you come back to it it will still be civilised.

4/ Knowledge Base
This place is a hive of both activity and knowledge, I have seldom come across so many people willing to share information and instruction. I have leanrt as much as I have shared here.

*5/ #Tags *
Want to find that information, #tags hold the key, G+ is as searchable as Google is itself.

6/ Advertising
My stream, your stream, whats hot etc is NOT littered with adverts, I know this is a business and G+ has to run it this way, to date there are no adverts that clutter the place, I have no idea if this is the way it will always be but for now, it works for me.

7/ Expansion
Since I joined G+ in the beta stage I have seen this place expand, new features, products, ways that have improved the place no end, long may it continue.

8/ Ease Of Use
So many people when they first join struggle to get to grips with the place, give it a few days, go play and you will see just how easy it is to use, show me another sits that makes uploading anything from images to videos as easy?

9/ Fun
Its simply a fun place to be and they make it that way, I enjoy my time here, that makes all the difference.

10/ Google Listens
And they do, if through the feedback button or by reading what members are talking about they listen and take on board what YOU as a member has to say, what you like and don't like, for me that is the most refreshing thing about G+

If you are new, if you struggle go explore the place ask, speak and you will be amazed at how much people are willing to help you enjoy your experience here.
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