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Maurizio Cattelan on Theorize Art

maurizio cattelan
courtesy of the trussardi foundation, milan /
galleria massimo de carlo, milan

‘him’ 2001
© maurizio cattelan
(photorealist sculpture of a miniature hitler in prayer
- an icon of fear.)
installation at faergfabriken, center for contemporary art
and architecture, stockholm

‘la nona ora’, 1999
© maurizio cattelan
(photorealist sculpture of the pope struck down by
a meteorite - blasphemy turned into sacrifice.)
installation at kunsthalle basel, switzerland

‘love lasts forever’, 1999
© maurizio cattelan
(skeletons of a donkey, a dog, a cat, and a rooster,
stacked atop one another in order of descending size.)

‘bidibidobidiboo’, 1996
© maurizio cattelan
(a stuffed squirrel apparently shooting itself at a
kitchen table)
installation at the laure genillard gallery, london

untitled, 1996
© maurizio cattelan
acrylic on canvas

© maurizio cattelan, 1991
a seven-metre table football machine for 11-a-side play,
galleria massimo de carlo, milan


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