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David Bowden  -  Yesterday 10:13 PM  -  Public
I just got done chatting with a friend in reference to some rather large circles going around that apparently i'm not in. My friend, who is an admitted amateur photographer, with less followers and doesn't post as much was "In" and his numbers were exploding. So as he was basking in the glory of new found followers he decided to look for me and sure enough.... not there.

The conversation was real funny because he was so apologetic. He couldn't understand... then I really confused him. My reply was simple and only three words.

"Yeah, don't care"

We went back and forth on this for a bit. He didn't get it.... which is precisely why I am sharing this.

Art is relative to the individual. Not everyone likes everything. I sure as heck don't follow everyone and I don't like everything nor... everyone. I follow the people that inspire me, the people I learn from, the people that share things I am interested in the people who have created a relationship with me and become friends. So does it bother me I am not in everyones circles.... nope. Does it bumm me that I don't have a half a million followers like some people that I am very good friends with...? nope.

The fact is... (as I tried to explain it to my friend), is that a fair portion of the folks that follow me, like me for my personality, what I have to say or for my work. I tend to get more replies about what I said or how I said it than my photography anyway. To me the images and the words are intertwined, the story. My interest is the people that look beyond and into things, topics and other people. The relationships.

That's what I am after.

I never was one for being "Popular." The relationships I want to form need substance and meaning. And I get a ton of that from everyone I regularly speak to here... that are my friends.

So whats the point of this message...?

The point folks is that the numbers are meaningless. There isn't a great deal of substance to them. Don't focus on the counter, focus on the people and the relationships you form. There in lies the treasure.

Use the tool to build relationships, friendships, new loves whatever you can dream of. If what you are after is a count, then you are missing the point of a social network.

Its not how many followers you have that measure you, what you share or how you are received. The real measure is how many lives you can touch or be touched by.

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