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Charles Lupica: Social Media Suicide as Seen on Googel + | Theorize Art

Charles Lupica:  Social Media Suicide as Seen on Googel +  |  Theorize Art

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Charles Lupica  -  7:49 AM  -  Public
Is it social media suicide to speak out against draconian / bulling tactics of some of the top G+ photographers when you don't agree with their view of the world? People who know me also know that I tend to speak my mind; which almost invariably gets me in trouble. The last time I spoke out about using a Creative Commons license, I had one of my worst ever days in terms of followers added. Perhaps even mentioning it here will have the same effect. (that's not what has me going this morning - I've been tomaHawked )

What's the point of having social media and having a "voice" if hero worship will give you a good whipping? It seems to me that social media is mostly dictatorial because we don't want to stand up to things that counter our beliefs when the result of speaking out is getting a whipping. If I don't believe in following the same business practices of the some of the powerful celebrity photographers, does that make my photography bad ?

Speak quick, I might delete this post when I come to my senses. It will be interesting to see how much commentary this gets. Adding supportive comments could get you banned from any number of circles.


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