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Theorize Art Fair, 2012, “Love the Future”

Theorize Art Fair, 2012,  “Love the Future”

March 8 - 11, 2012

'In conceptual art the are made beforehand and the execution is a perfunctory affair. The idea becomes a machine that makes the art. ” —Sol LeWitt

Theorize Art Fair is a premiere fair in the US dedicated to young fine artists. Conceptual Art
Network's online presence consists blogs and websites dedicated contemporary art.  The new art fairs will bring a physical aspect to our already well respected online presence.  The new  perspectives of the Theorize Art Fair offers an exciting alternative to the "Art Fair"experience for dealers and collectors as well as the general public. Thoerize's main purpose is to create a meeting ground for art patrons. The fair serves as an invaluable resource for the artistic community and the general public.

As the fairs success grows and the platform evolves we also accept applications from
Contemporary art dealers, emerging galleries, curators and non-profit organizations.
Our organization, Conceptual Art Network offers artists the opportunity to be a part of the
unique and important cultural environment that manifests the week of March 8-11, 2011. Thousands of art enthusiasts travel to the city to see and buy Art. The Armory Show, Scope, Volta and Pulse are the leading shows during this period, with an established tradition of cultivating art.

Theorize Art Fair
March 8-11 2012
Daily 3pm -10pm
*Opening Thursday, March 8th
3PM Exhibition opens
6PM Vernissage
10PM Party
DJ + Open Bar
Gershwin Hotel (Possible Location)

Theorize Art Fair NYC 2012
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