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Summer has left me with the familiar burden of emptiness, so I would greet Autumn with bittersweet despair

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It has been a while since I've uploaded anything to flickr, and for that I'm sorry. The past few months -- for many reasons -- haven't been exactly easy for me, and I have had little desire to network. But don't fret, In my flickr absence have been busy taking lots of photos.

This is a picture of my backyard, taken on October 2nd, the day I buried my sweet little frog Junior. I know a lot of people don't get this attached to amphibians, but his passing was absolutely devastating for me. He was a special friend since the moment he became mine. With the way he climbed up my fingers whenever I put them near him, and with the charming tune of his little songs -- he quickly made my sanctuary complete. My room will never be the same without him, and I will miss him for years to come. I may upload a photo of him on here soon so I can share him with all of you.

In other news, I have a new logo which I will be using to watermark my images from now on, and I have a facebook page for my photography which you should all check out. You can visit the page by clicking on the link at the top of the description on in the picture below.

Expect more photos this week, I have a lot of interesting work from the past few months to share.


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