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Rest Area, with Holden Vance III as Chuck Tyler

Chase Alias will be exhibiting at the Pool Art Fair, Miami 2011

Via Flickr:
Rest Area staring Holden Vance III,
circa 1979, the Middle of Nowhere, USA

Immersion Artist, Conceptual Art Photographer, Method Actor and Critic Holden Vance III becomes a Middle American playboy lomg haul truck driver named Chuck Tyler.

Set in the late 70's before the onset of AIDS when our cultural nievity still exhisted. Chuck is layed back and totally dependable. He's always there ahead of time even when his libido veres him of course.

On this particularlly hot and muggy summer evening. After a nice long ride Chuck finds a quite moment to reflect on his seemingly trivial existence. When he wakes to begin his journey he'll get way more than he ever expected in this contemporary melting pot found along the higways he drives. A place he affectionately knows as the Rest Area.
-Holden Vance III as Chuck Tyler

HDR Video Screen Capture as played on Adobe Quicktime. Originally capture on a Flip Video HD.


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