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The Week In Images by Caitlin Ruttle

The Week In Images

Caitlin Ruttle

JR, The Wrinkles of the City, 2010. Courtesy of the artist andGalerie Emmanuel Perrotin (Paris).
In this international look at the week’s exhibitions, a hallucinatory scene unfolds in a drawing by Roland Reiss at Robert Bernman Gallery. Jordanian artist Hilda Hiary, initially trained in political science and sociology, delves into the politics of the Middle East and Northern Africa. Julian Rosefeldt painstakingly collects stills from soap operas and reality shows, a catalog of the ways television has conditioned our day-to-day interactions.
Featured Artists include Cerith Wyn Evans, Nick Veasey, Vlado Martek, Sheela Gowda, Zhang Dali, Leslie Wayne, John Henderson, Navin Rawanchaikul, and Haris Epaminonda.

Cerith Wyn Evans, Column (Assemblages) IX, 2010, mixed media. Courtesy the artist and Galeria Fortes Vilaça (Sao Paulo).

Julian Rosefeldt, Soap Sample V, 2000 – 2001, lambda print. Courtesy the artist and Saatchi Gallery (London).

Nick Veasey, Bulldozer, 2007, C-type print. Courtesy the artist and POBEDA Gallery (Moscow).

Vlado Martek, Mona Lisa, 2006. Courtesy Čuček Collection and P74 Gallery (Ljubljana).

Sheela Gowda, Protest, my son (Installation view), 2011, water color on print on paper, print on vinyl, horn, fur. Courtesy the artist and GALLERYSKE (Bangalore).

Zhang Dali, Life, 2011, Photogram on Fine Cotton. Courtesy the artist and Pékin Fine Arts (Beijing).

Roland Reiss, Untitled, 1965. Courtesy the artist and Robert Berman Gallery (Santa Monica).

Leslie Wayne, One Big Love #40, 2010, oil on wood. Courtesy the artist and Bridgette Mayer Gallery (Philadelphia).

John Henderson, Backdrop, Flipped and Cornered, 2011 (installation view). Courtesy the artist and T293 Gallery(Napoli).

Hilda Hiary, Om Kalthoum, 2011, acrylic on canvas. Courtesy the artist and Ayyam Gallery, DIFC (Dubai).

Navin Rawanchaikul, Mission Navinland, 2011, painted fiber glass and mixed media. Courtesy the artist and Sakshi Gallery (Mumbai).

Haris Epaminonda, Still from Tarahi V, from Tarahi IIII, V, VI, 2007, three-channel video installation (color, sound), 7:36 min. Courtesy the artist and the Museum of Modern Art (New York City).


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