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desire management

desire management by corpho
desire management, a photo by corpho on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
"Toran investigates what he calls 'anomalies in contemporary and speculative behavior' by creating conceptual and darkly humorous products and the stories that accompany them. DESIRE MANAGEMENT 'celebrates the use of products as platforms for dissident behavior,' says the designer. 'The domestic space is defined as the last private frontier, a place where alienated people use bespoke appliances to engage in unorthodox experiences.' Based on real testimonials and news reports, the fictional objects deal with complex emotional needs neglected by the commercial market and contemporary society. For example, Baseball Bed is a suitcase that becomes a bed shaped like a section of a baseball field; the prospective client is a Japanese man who lost his virginity on a baseball field and seeks to re-create the experience with future partners. Vacuum Scanner is a pole with a vacuum cleaner, made for a widower who enjoyed being vacuumed by his wife and wants to achieve the same feeling on his own. The Turbulent Air Hostess Trolley was made for a former air hostess who suffered a panic attack on a flight and sees the trolley as part of her ongoing therapy to overcome her fears."


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