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after 25 years we find this is still here....

Via Flickr:
The last time I went to the MoMA was in 1982, on my way to that 'post OCA dropout' jaunt through England France and The Netherlands. This was during those "heroic" days before "computers" when Basquiat, Schnabel and a bunch of other paint splattered 'motor cycle kings' ruled SoHo, AND the first floor of this, hallowed place... Just as I did back then, Roberta and I lingered on the more recent stuff then wandered the 'upper' floors for the refresher course on "Turner Through Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out"... Pointillisms through Pointlessism"...

I think there was a time when we were still tickled by the unexpected; I think there may even have been a time when things did appeared rather unexpectedly; I think yesterday the only thing that tickled me was the absence of any 'works' by Basquiat or Schnabel. But then again, that wasn't all that unexpected.


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