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57 ~ Occupy Lisbon: no more tents!

Via Flickr:
Days after Occupy Wall Street was forbidden to pitch tents and stay overnight, the Occupy Lisbon group was also prohibited from raising their tents where they had been camping out. Though the cold temperatures (fortunately it has not rained these last days), they are staying in the same place and sleeping in the open air. They are obeying the rules of the police, but they are at the same time peacefully seeking the necessary authorization, in the Town Hall, to raise the tents again. I visited the camp last night and was talking with some members of the group. They seem concerned because of the bad weather conditions, but they will not give up camping out. A small group stays overnight and others come during the day. They are more united than ever and willing to do all the sacrifices needed to keep the human presence that guarantees the message of the movement. They need some support as far as blankets and food are concerned. BTW, I saw a neighbour bringing some food while another was at home preparing a hot soup for them...

See the CNN iReport here.


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