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350-365 Tarp Art

350-365  Tarp Art by TravelsWithDan
350-365 Tarp Art, a photo by TravelsWithDan on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
11-17-11 Zapopan, Mexico

Went to this suburb of Guadalajara to visit their modern art museum and came away with an image of a tarp covering an old building for rent down the street. While this scene depicts a cross section of the local population's exteriors, the exhibit in the museum covered the interiors: it was beautifully drawn images of bodies undergoing autopsies (!). Competent but hard to look at: we kept commiserating with the museum guards who sat in those rooms all day long for weeks looking can imagine.

Guadalajara is a gem. It's Mexico's second largest city (4.5 million or so) and has retained its colonial old town, with a central cathedral surrounded by five plazas. There are multiple pedestrian streets leading off the center and easy bus routes to get from place to place. I've posted three images to date but have taken over 3,000...


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