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Immersion Art - The Early Works, 2005


hold it....

Wim Wenders: WINGS OF DESIRE 1987 on Theorize Art

Wim Wenders' one-second wonders

Sigmar Polke's Complete Graphic Works Exhibited in Sao Paulo Brazil

Antony Gormley - Horizon Field Installations on view until April 2012

Paul Klee - Polyphon, 1930

2012 will mark fifty years of the International Studio Glass Movement

Roy Lichtenstein - "Reflections on Minerva", 1990

Michel Majerus - View of Exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum, 2005

Adam Etmanski - A photo installation based upon a place, that could be anyplace

Vladimir Ovchinnikov - "The Illustionist", 2011

Dale Chihuly - "Yellow Persian"


ride upon the wind

atrapa almas

I, robot

13 ~ escape

Christmas lights

Don't Walk BY

under construction

Be happy

Moments before Doom

The Light series



Oh shyt! Maybe I SHOULD go shopping!!! lol! You are photo tagged!



oil on canvass

Rain [ plaza hotel...edition ]


Chase Alias' :)(: A Deeper Meaning

Please go to #lovejoys and check out Spot's amazing collection of old photos from his punk days.

Rest Area, with Holden Vance III as Chuck Tyler

Feelings of Unfamiliarity

...For You :)

I, robot

Kiss :)(: Kiss Conceptual Art Networks and the Public Blogging Network Have Worked to Create Now Proudly Present: eCapture | eCapture

Chase Alias' :)(: A Deeper Meaning

Artist and Activist Ai Weiwei detained in Bejing Airport and is still missing

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