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Friday, February 3, 2012

Theorize New York 2012, #Black March #Theorize This! #BLACKMARCH #THEORIZETHIS

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Theorize New York 2012, #Black March #Theorize This! #BLACKMARCH #THEORIZETHIS

Buy From Artists

Not Corporate Galleries

This is the first and only artists run intimate art fair in NYC during Armory Art Week. Ya, Please sees all of the art, go to all of the shows. But remember #Black March. Buy Independent, directly from the artists. This show was created for fantastic visual artists who don't want tone a part of the corporate greed model of the "Blue Chip" gallery system. Theorize This! Black March.

Buy Independent, Buy From the Artists! Theorize This! #Black March

Theorize New York: Impossible to Understand, 2012 Black March Edition, Contemporary Art Fair , Wyndham Garden Inn Chelsea

Theorize New York: Impossible to Understand, 2012 Black March Edition
Contemporary Art Fair
March 8-11 2012
Daily 12pm -10pm
*Opening Thursday, March 8th
5PM Exhibition opens
6PM -10PM Vernissage Party
DJ + Bar

This is set to take place at the Wyndham Garden Inn Chelsea,
37 West 24th Street | New York City, New York 10010 | United States | 212-243-0800

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